Modding Minecraft with Java

Grades 4th - 7th

Learning to code is an imaginative and creative activity, just like Minecraft! This class combines the Python programming language with Minecraft.

Start Date: Wednesday, Jan 15th, 6:15pm


Learning to code is an imaginative and creative activity, just like Minecraft! This class combines the Java programming language with Minecraft. Use code to do things not possible with Minecraft alone like create buildings and write mini-games. Students learn programing concepts, structure, and flow each week and then apply these skills to their very own Minecraft server. Run your programs and see the results on the server instantly. Python is a great language for any new programmer and is used by all ages.

  • Who: Students in Grades 4-7
  • Duration: Six weeks
  • Decatur - Toco Hills Schedule:
    Wednesdays 6:15-7:45pm
  • Next Start Date:  
    Wednesday, April 4th
  • Tuition: $179

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Extend Minecraft with Code

This class gives students an introduction to programming with one of their favorite activities - Minecraft. Learn how to write code using variables, strings, boolean logic, loops, and functions; all while applying these concepts to your own Minecraft server. 

The class is open to students who are brand new to coding as well as those with some experience. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop (Windows or Mac) and should have Minecraft installed before class. Students may also rent a Start Code laptop and simply bring their own Minecraft login.


Python is an excellent starting language and is a natural next step for students who have used Scratch. Python was designed with a clear readable code style and it eliminates some of the frustration with other traditional languages. Python’s popularity continues to grow and is used at all levels of education and in places like Google, NASA, LucasFilms, and Georgia Tech.


Parents often say that their kids "play too much Minecraft". We are fans of Minecraft and think it is a good creative outlet for students. We want to see them using digital tools for imagination and creativity, not just playing games, watching video, or using social media. With Minecraft students are free to create their own worlds and then play with friends. This freedom is a big reason for the games popularity and by integrating Python with Minecraft, students can take even more control over their creations.

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