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Girl Power in Technology

A New York Times article looked at recent data on the difference in pay between men and women.  A company called PayScale examined a wide variety of professions requiring a bachelor’s degree and organized them by college major.  The data shows that men still make more than women across almost all degrees.  Such a trend is unfortunate if not surprising and hopefully we are making progress to close this disparity.  But there is one shining bright spot!

“The only one of these disciplines that graduates women who earn more than their equivalent male counterparts is information technology.“

Hooray for IT!  How awesome is that?  In a field that is typically viewed with a stereotypical view of male geeks, women are showing other fields how it’s done.  It’s amazing to look down the chart and see Information Technology as the only standout.  Computer Science and Computer Information Systems are also on the chart in the middle of the pack.  At least they weren’t at the bottom. And what about a degree that is usually viewed as female dominated such as teaching?  According to the NYT, “the majors whose male graduates earn the biggest premium over female graduates are architecture, education, and criminal justice.”  Education?  This is both shocking and disappointing.  Hopefully this is a mistake or a temporary blip in the data.

Let’s encourage our girls to pursue careers in technology.  They can be treated as equals, have a chance to earn more, and the jobs are out there. 

Editors note: Migrated from previous Start Code blog. Still good news with more work to be done.

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