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Encouraging Creativity

A great Wired article looks at the pace of innovation and occurrence of human geniuses across history.  Based on statistical research, human geniuses are not scattered randomly across time and space.  Perhaps we can actually have an influence on bursts of creativity.  Based on various historical ages, the author puts forth an interesting "blueprint for the 21st century" including three ingredients.

  1. The benefit of human mixing in commercial trade centers with a wide diversity of people to share ideas.
  2. Flourishing cultures pioneered new forms of teaching and learning by trying new models.
  3. Institutions must encourage risk taking and allow failure.

These three points explain to a large degree what we are trying to do at Start Code!  Our goal is to create a community of a broad mix of students and encourage them to realize that they can create things with all the amazing technology around them.  We want them to also share ideas and help each other learn computer programming and technology.  We are also taking the best of everything we find for teaching the concepts of software development and mashing them together.  We are not bound by any tradional structure.  We can explore programming in a new way by focusing on exploration by doing and not just sitting in programming classes about dry computer science topics.  And lastly, we are creating an atmoshphere where failure is not a bad thing.  It is inevitable to make mistakes while learning computer programming.  It's just part of the experience and that's OK.

Come join the Start Code community and maybe you will unlock your potential genius.  At the very least, you will have some fun, learn something about computer programming, and maybe make some new friends.

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