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Clark Howard Features Start Code

We received a surprise call from a producer of the Clark Howard show recently. She was interested in kids coding and had some questions. What is code? Why is it important for kids to learn to code? Where can parents look to get started? After discussing these points, she said “I would like to interview you for the Clark Howard Show." We are big fans of Clark’s radio show as Atlanta residents and were excited to do it.

The producer, Leah, visited Start Code during a few classes including after school on weekdays and Saturday. She shot video of some of our students and did an interview where we discussed our approach to getting started with coding. Leah also interviewed two of our students, Ryan and Quinn, who both did a great job. Ryan has been coding with us for over two years and has attended both classes and summer camps. She was working with the Processing programming language in the video and shows off some of her code. Quinn started this fall and is progressing quickly through our project-based material. Both kids handled the interview like pros! They talked about how coding combines their school subjects in an interesting way, and also how coding feels like a second language to them. Most importantly it's fun to learn and they enjoy attending each week with their classmates.

Thank you to both Leah and Clark Howard for featuring Start Code in the news segment. This was good timing leading up to Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code as we host our own event.

The full video can be seen here on the WSB-TV Youtube page.

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