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Start creating. Start CODING.

Why Start:Code?

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Programming & Code are becoming the new standards of literacy as the world becomes more reliant on technology.

My daughters loved taking classes and summer camps at Start Code! My sophomore is now taking AP Computer Science and is quite frankly not challenged because Mr. Scott introduced coding in a fun and engaging way.

Alycia, Parent

"The job you will find in five years does not exist today. Start Code was created to teach a 21st Century skill set."

Benn Konsynski, Professor of Information Systems at Emory University and Start Code Advisor

"Start Code is great! My son learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed it. So nice to see him now creating amazing things on the computer rather than just playing games."

Kirsten, Parent

"This is revolutionary in that it lays a solid foundation for a technological education.  I wish I had this opportunity as a child. It's like Space Camp for computer kids!"

Kim Kirby, Art Director and Chief of Technology at Young Athenians Design Agency

"We enjoyed it! Scott made sure the kids learned something, while also allowing everyone's creative voice to enter the conversation. My son did two sessions and we are taking classes next year."

Nicole, Parent

Blog posts

Technology Shapes Our World

Technology Shapes Our World

We have a guest writer this month. Nafees is a high-school senior who is doing an internship with Start Code. He is assisting in our labs and also wrote about his experience with programming and future plans.
Future Proof Kids

Future Proof Kids

The NPR show Marketplace did a story this year titled “Robot Proof Jobs”. The series looked at automation and jobs previously thought to be “safe” from automation. What can our students do today to start them on a path toward “future proof jobs”?
Coding First Impressions

Coding First Impressions

As we strive to continuously improve the experience for new students to Start Code, one question is always important. What do we want the kids to gain from their experience with a first coding language?